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Cambium Networks Launches ePMP™ Force 100 In 5 GHz to Enhance Performance Range in High-Interference Deployments

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New release coincides with company receiving FCC grant to operate in U-NII band covering 5150 and 5250 MHz

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., July 29, 2014Cambium Networks™, a global leading provider of wireless broadband solutions, today announced the release of the ePMP Force 100, a high-gain integrated subscriber solution. The ePMP Force 100 contains Cambium Networks’ latest ePMP software release 2.1 that includes enhancements to Cambium Networks’ eFortify™ and eCommand™ solutions.

The ePMP Force 100’s release comes on the heels of Cambium Networks receiving Federal Communications 

Commission (FCC) grant authorization to operate fixed outdoor wireless in the unlicensed national information infrastructure (U-NII) band covering 5150 and 5250MHz. The additional 100 MHz spectrum is available via download of software release 2.1.

The ePMP Force 100 can be deployed as a subscriber module that can connect to any ePMP access point, as well as peer nodes in point-to-point deployment configurations. Service providers who already have the ePMP 1000 Connectorized Radio in their networks have the option of purchasing the ePMP Dish separately to enhance throughput and increase deployment range. Key features of the ePMP Force 100:

  • Frequency availability in the United States: 5150 – 5350 and 5470 – 5850MHz
  • Security: 128-bit AES encryption (CCMP mode)
  • Peak gain: 25 dBi antenna gain with 30 dBm of transmit power
  • Round Trip Latency: 6 ms (flexible frame mode), 17 ms (GPS Sync mode)
  • Throughput: 150 Mbps of real user data

The ePMP Force 100 contains Cambium Networks’ latest ePMP software release 2.1. This update expands the operating range of 5 GHz ePMP radios to include 5150 MHz and adds enhancements to eCommandTM, which provides a suite of management tools to plan, provision and monitor the network, and to eFortifyTM, which allows the platform to recognize and react to external interference.

eCommand improvements include:

  • New graphical user interface (GUI) with online help
  • Enhanced statistics and metrics to monitor and troubleshoot the network
  • Automatic channel selection based on best channel available across accessible spectrum

eFortify improvements include:

  • Option to operate with carrier sense enabled or disabled to optimize system RF performance

“Helping our customers maximize their investments in equipment and realize faster ROI is a top priority for Cambium Networks,” said Atul Bhatnagar, president and CEO, Cambium Networks. “The ePMP Force 100 is a solid option for potential customers deploying across a range of physical and RF environments and subscriber densities, and allows networks operators to reach more end users while enhancing link performance.”

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