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  • Save Money: Sending WirelessUnits.com your equipment for tests, repairs and maintenance will save you on operating expenses, and lower your per item repair costs by up to 50% off traditional resources. In addition, faster repair cycle times will reduce the required number of spares purchased for your network by half.
  • Expertise: WirelessUnits.com's trained repair specialists use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and custom engineered tools for assessment and repair.
  • Guaranteed Quality Assurance: Each unit is tested thoroughly to earn a Quality Assurance stamp and 90 day warranty label before being shipped back to you.
  • Reliability: Each piece of equipment is exposed to prolonged time, temperature, and electronic stress to ensure the unit’s operability.
  • Peace of Mind: Our Comprehensive Professional Repair (CPR) Program offers you advanced equipment exchange and field technical support to reduce network downtime.
  • Broad Spectrum of Repair Work: Electronic Repairs, Cosmetic Repairs, Emergency Repair, Emergency Advanced Replacement, and OEM Repair Support.
  • Simplified RMA Management: Multi-vendor & multi-technology solutions, to provide savings through a single point of contact, allows valuable resources to be allocated to the most important projects.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty: Using a partner with technical and operational competency to service your network infrastructure, you can guarantee better network performance and more satisfied customers.


  • PMP100 SMs are repaired at $75.00
  • PMP100 APs are repaired at $129.00
  • PTP100 BHs are repaired at $129.00
  • PMP 430 SMs are repaired at $99.00
  • PMP 450 SMs are repaired at $125.00
  • PMP 430 APs are repaired at $129.00
  • PMP 450 APs are repaired at $449.00
  • PMP 450i 3GHz/5GHz APs are repaired $499.00
  • PMP 450i 900MHz APs are repaired $599.00
  • PMP 450m 5GHz APs are repaired $899.00
  • PMP 450m 3GHz APs are repaired $999.00
  • PMP 320 (3630SM) SMs are repaired at $125.00
  • PMP 320 (3630AP) APs are repaired at $199.00
  • Cyclone APs are repaired at $199.00
  • 1070CKDB Cluster Management Module at $199.00
  • 1008CK2 Cluster Management Module at $199.00
  • 1090CK CMM4 Cluster Management Module at $349.00
  • ePMP1000 Integrated/Connectorized Repaired at $49.00
  • ePMP1000 Sync Radios Repaired at $119.00


  • Motorola / Orthogon PTP400 $300.00 per side
  • PTP230 Equipment $249.00 per side
  • PTP250 Equipment $249.00 per side
  • PTP300 Equipment $300.00 per side
  • PTP500 Equipment $350.00 per side
  • PTP600 Equipment $350.00 per side
  • PTP650 Equipment $499.00 per side
  • PTP670 Equipment $549.00 per side
  • PTP800 Equipment $499.00 per side


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