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Our new address is:
1198 Twin Stacks Drive
Dallas, PA 18612.


The #1 In Wireless Broadband Repair

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Phone: (570) 718-1220
             (866) 943-4737



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  • Save Money: Sending your equipment for tests, repairs and maintenance will save you on operating expenses, and lower your per item repair costs by up to 50% off traditional resources. In addition, faster repair cycle times will reduce the required number of spares purchased for your network by half.
  • Expertise:'s trained repair specialists use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and custom engineered tools for assessment and repair.
  • Guaranteed Quality Assurance: Each unit is tested thoroughly to earn a Quality Assurance stamp and 90 day warranty label before being shipped back to you.
  • Reliability: Each piece of equipment is exposed to prolonged time, temperature, and electronic stress to ensure the unit’s operability.
  • Peace of Mind: Our Comprehensive Professional Repair (CPR) Program offers you advanced equipment exchange and field technical support to reduce network downtime.
  • Broad Spectrum of Repair Work: Electronic Repairs, Cosmetic Repairs, Emergency Repair, Emergency Advanced Replacement, and OEM Repair Support.
  • Simplified RMA Management: Multi-vendor & multi-technology solutions, to provide savings through a single point of contact, allows valuable resources to be allocated to the most important projects.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty: Using a partner with technical and operational competency to service your network infrastructure, you can guarantee better network performance and more satisfied customers.
  • Support Existing Revenue Streams: Continue to generate revenue from your mature assets through maintenance, repair, and return programs.



Order Process: How to do business with us

  1. Contact us with the following information: which repair plan you have chosen; how many items you will be sending; and when you will be shipping them. Call one of our specialists at 1-866-943-4737, or e-mail us at:
  2. Box units up, and ship to the following address:, Inc
    Attention: Repairs

    1198 Twin Stacks Drive
    Dallas, PA 18612

  3. Upon arrival we will take an inventory of your equipment and will contact you to confirm the number of units received.
  4. Our repair technicians then begin work on the equipment.
  5. Upon completion, we take inventory of the repaired and non-repairable equipment, and contact you to collect payment.
  6. We package and ship the equipment back to you, providing you with a tracking number and invoice.

Please include a power supply with your device, unless you are sending in Canopy/Cambium equipment.

Repair Plans

The Free Plan: This is a good alternative if you do not want to pay for repairs out of pocket. Ship in your non working units. We will repair as many as possible. You will receive one half of the repaired units along with the non working units we were unable to repair. We charge you nothing the repairs are FREE!! We keep the other half of the repairs as our fee. All you pay is shipping. This alternative is perfect for those who wish to conserve capital and turn dead assets into working assets.

Pay Per Unit Plan: Pay per repair | view pricing below.

  • PMP100 SMs are repaired at $75.00
  • PMP100 APs are repaired at $129.00
  • PTP100 BHs are repaired at $129.00
  • PMP 430 SMs are repaired at $99.00
  • PMP 450 SMs are repaired at $125.00
  • PMP 430 APs are repaired at $129.00
  • PMP 450 APs are repaired at $349.00
  • PMP 450i APs are repaired $449.00
  • PMP 450m APs are repaired $849.00
  • PMP 320 (3630SM) SMs are repaired at $125.00
  • PMP 320 (3630AP) APs are repaired at $199.00
  • Cyclone APs are repaired at $199.00
  • 1070CKDB Cluster Management Module at $199.00
  • 1008CK2 Cluster Management Module at $199.00
  • 1090CK CMM4 Cluster Management Module at $349.00
  • ePMP1000 Integrated/Connectorized Repaired at $49.00
  • ePMP1000 Sync Radios Repaired at $119.00


  • Motorola / Orthogon PTP400 $300.00 per side
  • PTP230 Equipment $249.00 per side
  • PTP250 Equipment $249.00 per side
  • PTP300 Equipment $300.00 per side
  • PTP500 Equipment $350.00 per side
  • PTP600 Equipment $350.00 per side
  • PTP650 Equipment $499.00 per side
  • PTP670 Equipment $549.00 per side
  • PTP800 Equipment $499.00 per side


      • Motorola Canopy | Cambium Networks Connectorization $50.00 per radio 
        (This includes PMP100, PTP100, PTP230).
      • PMP450 Connectorization $100.00 per radio 
        12" OR 36" LMR Available

Let us know if you want the non-repairable equipment back. The customer is responsible for shipping fees.



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(Alvarion Servicio de Reparación), (BridgeWave Servicio de Reparación), (Motorola Canopy/Cambium Servicio de Reparación), (Proxim Servicio de Reparación), (Redline Servicio de Reparación), (Trango Servicio de Reparación), (WaveRider Servicio de Reparación)

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